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Contact jjTen jiu-jitsu School DirectoryHello! Welcome to jjTen! My name is Marvin Solano. I created this website in collaboration with several leading competitors and professors to share what I am learning on my BJJ journey. Luiz “Dentinho” Eduardo has graciously contributed much of the content provided based on his extensive competition experience. The information on this website is based on my communications with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experts. Additional information about the website collaborators is available in the “People” section of the website. Furthermore, martial arts students may access contact information for training facilities using the growing directory.

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Our purpose at jjTen is to help Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expand in popularity in the USA. The various sections of this site provide actionable information about schools as well as helpful content to prospective and beginning students. We encourage you to review any BJJ school you trained. Also, visit our “submit listing” section and complete the form to submit your BJJ school. Please fill up as much information you know about them. If it is incomplete, we will attempt to find verify them.

We authored a handy guide about selecting a well-suited Jiu-Jitsu martial art school that can be accessed in the “Before Joining BJJ” section of our website. Please visit often because I will be adding more articles to this section.

For beginners and intermediate students, we plan to add articles written with Jiu-Jitsu masters and respected champions. You can find this areticles in the “BJJ Techniques” section. Please stay tuned for more great information because I am also planning to expand the article about seven basic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu positions. Eventually, it will become an extensive resource for most of the moves you will learn during your BJJ journey. If you have ideas or things you would like to see on our martial arts directory website, please take the time to send me a message using the Contact Us form below. We are always happy to receive feedback and ideas.

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