GFTeam – Paradigm Training Center

5756 S Rice Ave, Houston, TX 77081, United States


(713) 660-9442

Monday - Thursday 11:30AM - 9:30PM Friday 11:30AM - 8:00PM Saturday 9:00AM - 2:00PM

The GFTeam brand of BJJ beckons our athletes to compete at the highest levels.  A tight knit group of skilled competitors, our BJJ team is active in local tournaments and IBJJF events.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a style of grappling that evolved from Judo in Brazil.  Like Judo, BJJ emphasizes the use of technique and leverage to conquer brute force, often enabling smaller athletes to defeat bigger and stronger opponents. Because of this, BJJ is sometimes referred to as “arte suave” (the gentle art).

Made famous by the Gracie family in the early days of the UFC, BJJ has exploded in popularity in the last 20 years. BJJ is perhaps the most realistic styling of grappling as applied to MMA competition, allowing strangle holds and joint locks to force an opponent to submit.  In BJJ a submission ends the match, much like a pin in wrestling.

BJJ Instructor/GFTeam Blackbelt

Marcu “BOQUINHA” Bello started practicing Judo when he was 6 years old, receiving his Judo black belt in 1992. Marcus began training BJJ with Master Julio Cesar in the early days of Gama Filho (the team that would become GFTeam), earning his black belt in 1998. Bello is famed for his exquisite top game with which he defeated many big names of the sport, including legends like Tererê and Marcelo Garcia. In 2016 Marcus was the black belt champion in his division at the IBJJF Masters World Championships.


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